Resources and Lesson Plans

This is where I’ll be putting resources and lesson plans I’ve made, which you can then download and use.  Click on the folder icons to go to, where the files are hosted.  If you have any trouble accessing the files, please let me know!

Vivaldi Analysis

  • This is aimed at senior secondary students, and will probably take a number of lessons to cover.
  • The package contains a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow, a student handout, teacher’s notes, and a “Read Me First” document (and please, do read it first!)
  • This was designed to show my students how much information can be pulled out of just the first four bars of a score, in this case, “Et in Terra Pax” by Vivaldi.
  • My other purpose was to take them through the process of writing a musical analysis, from dot points, to sentences, and finally to paragraphs, first with lots of help and then slowly letting them do more and more on their own.  It culminates with two critical thinking questions.
  • Finally, it ends with another score excerpt, where they get to go through the whole process on their own.

Elements of Music

  • This is just a series of MS PowerPoint slideshows on the musical elements.  Right now there’s slideshows on Duration, Melody, and Texture.  I’ll upload more as I create them.
  • There’s also a zip folder containing a bunch of .wav soundfiles I made for slides contained in Melody and Texture.  For some reason, embedding them wouldn’t work for me, so I just use them from a playlist in my ipod.

Various Music PowerPoints:

This is drawn from a collection of PowerPoints I’ve put together on various topics in the last few years. I picked the ones I’ve listed here as being potentially the most useful and/or clear.

They tend not to be very long. You may wish to edit them for your particular unit plans or classes or whatever. None of the material contained in these PowerPoints actually belongs to me. I haven’t always been able to find the relevant references for the images or information when I’ve gone back to look for them. I’ll keep looking, but if you become aware of a reference I need to include in the meantime, please let me know.

You can click on each link below for the individual presentation, or click on the folder icon to the right to access the whole collection.

Professional Practice – Reflection Tools

This is a set of four professional reflection tools which I created early in my teaching career. The set includes four interactive pdf files, which can be filled out after a lesson, or before a school day begins.

They are especially useful for the pre-service or early-career teacher, although more experienced teachers may also find them useful.

A more detailed description of each reflection tool and its purpose can be found in my blog post: “Professional Reflection = Professional Development“.

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