Stuff My Students Have Done

Under the policy guidelines of my employer, there are restrictions on student work that I’m allowed to post on the internet in places like YouTube, for example.

But that doesn’t stop any of my students from going ahead of their own accord and posting their stuff wherever they like, which they do. They’ve been telling me about their bands and works recently, so I’ve gone to have a look.

I’ve now decided to create this page for them.

Paper Idol

This band includes two of my current senior students and two of my past ones. These are the culprits behind my post, “How to cope when your class is full of “screamo” (sorry, post-hardcore) fans“.

Here’s their entry on Triple J Unearthed:

Saints Alight

I’ve recently heard that one of my student graduates has joined this band as a guitarist. He’s not actually in this photo, but he’s named on the Triple J Unearthed site here. He has always been a very good guitar player and songwriter, and I can’t remember him ever wanting to do anything else in all the years I taught him (well…tried to, anyway).

I’m pleased he’s found this band, in that case, because they sound quite good and seem to take their goals as a band seriously, from what I can tell so far by their music.

More of my students’ works will be posted on this page as I find them. 🙂

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