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Evaluating and Planning

December 6, 2011


It’s the last week of the school year. I’m in the middle of taking stock of everything I’ve done (or tried to do) this year, and making plans for next year.

Lots went on for me in the first two thirds of the year. In the last third, innovation was put on the back-burner for a while and other things took over, like surviving the final exam season and getting our seniors through to graduation.

Now that I once again have some time to think, I’ve been looking over the units I’ve taught this year. I’m going to completely rewrite a couple, as I’ve been teaching them for a while now and I’m getting quite bored. I’ve been looking through some of the sites in my library for ideas, and I’ve found some more useful websites so I’ll put those in too.

I’m glad to see that the resources I uploaded are getting some good use. I see a number of people have been downloading my PowerPoints on the elements of music. When I get around to creating some more, I’ll add them to my uploads as well.

In the meantime, I actually lost my password for my email account for a while, and finally found it again today. So if you went to my “Contact Me” page and sent me an email anytime in the last three-ish months, I haven’t been purposely ignoring you, I promise! Anyone who sent me websites for me to look over and add to my library, I’ll be checking them out and putting them in the appropriate pages. Thankyou to those who sent them. If you have any more, please pass them on and I’ll add them…more quickly this time.

I’m thinking of creating another blog, as a sister to this one, dedicated to mental health and relaxation. Neither of these are my strong suit at the best of times, and teaching doesn’t tend to be one of the more relaxing jobs out there. As a person who has suffered anxiety and depression, I know the importance – and the difficulty – of maintaining good mental health. Maybe I’ll add a page to my library dedicated to mental health links, to begin with. What do you think? Good idea?


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