Choral Charisma

When singers connect deeply and specifically to text and music, their faces and bodies are dynamically expressive, their singing is vibrant and nuanced, and  most significantly  their connection draws the audience into the heart and soul of the music.

Gretchens Pianos

GRETCHEN SAATHOFF, pianist, performs as a soloist and has collaborated often with both singers and instrumentalists in recitals, as well as in numerous prestigious competitions in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. This is her blog about “performing, practicing, being outdoors, and other life considerations”.

Jeffrey Thomas: Guitar, Bass and Ukelele Lessons

Jeffrey Thomas makes his living as a music instructor. Lessons are taught in person or through webcam. Accepting students of all ages and levels has exposed him to vast genres of music. Traditional Classical to Punk, Black Metal to Praise & Worship, Flamenco to Radio Disney Artists, Blues of many forms, Hip Hop, Reggae, Folk, Shred, Bluegrass, Motown, Rock, Grunge, Indie, Pop, R&B, Funk, Rockabilly, Latin, Country, World Music…

Learn to Play Guitar in 10 minutes

Educators around the world are looking toward popular music as a way of ‘engaging kids’ who otherwise would never be likely to pursue a musical instrument in school, let alone in adult life. This website offers a new method of learning useful-level guitar. The backing tracks are based on special chords that allow simple one to three fingered ‘shapes’ to fit in well – no muffled notes, no special re-tunings! This is a Creative Commons free resource that can be downloaded and used in whatever way you want. serves all singers and instrumentalists who strive for musical excellence. In tandem with the 350-page book The Musician’s Way by Gerald Klickstein, the resources on this site help musicians to:

  • Enhance practice and performance skills
  • Foster creativity and self-motivation
  • Overcome performance anxiety
  • Build music careers
  • Collaborate productively
  • Expand musical knowledge
  • Boost health and prevent music-related injuries
  • Become successful artists

Ruth Bonetti

Imagine yourself there on the platform, poised, confident, powerful. Hear yourself project with ease, your voice clear and positive. Imagine your listeners hanging onto your every sound.

This can be YOU — free to explore your unique potential, to express yourself fearlessly and fluently.

Whether you present through Words or Music, Ruth’s books, workshops and coaching can help you present with confidence. She gives proven techniques to conquer performance anxiety — that Number One Fear in society.

Learn how to channel adrenaline from jitters into energy and lift presentations to confident, enriching communication.

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