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And we’re back!

January 20, 2012


Just completed two student-free days at school, and next week they all come back again for another year. Yaaaaay!


I’m teaching maths as well as music this year, so I may have some maths-based thoughts, reflections, and resources stashed into this blog as the year goes on. Also, thinking of taking my Master degree back up again, but switching from Guidance Counselling to a straight Master of Education. I finish it quicker that way.

Took a break over Christmas by visiting my parents down in Brisbane, and then further south to visit hubby’s mum down in NSW, where our minimum temperature was their maximum, and the region’s internet was powered by one guy pedalling away on a stationary bike. Hence, no blog updates. Returned home to a very sick cat, but she’s better now.

I see that a number of people have been downloading my planners and powerpoints. I’m glad you guys are finding them useful. As I make more, I’ll keep putting ย them up here of course.

Have a great year, people! ๐Ÿ™‚

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