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AfriClassical – William Zick

A blog about Classical music and African musicians. Great for units on world music and indigenous perspectives. A companion to, a website on African heritage in Classical music. Meet 52 black composers and musicians, take a black history quiz and hear over 100 audio samples at the site.

A Music Maker’s Musical Musings: Be Passionable!
– T.K. Goforth

T.K. Goforth is a professional musician who has performed professionally with local bands, big bands and jazz combos in  Houston, New Orleans and Seattle.  She has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, the Philippines and stateside using her musical and performance talents.

Band Ed Tool Shed – Roger Whaley

Stories from the director who is learning to work smarter.

Being Musical, Being Human – Dr. Robert Woody

I’m a professor at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where I teach classes in music education and music psychology. I’m especially fascinated by the creative and expressive aspects of music making.

Benjamin Botkin – Composer for Film and Visual Media

This is the site of composer and music theoretician Benjamin Botkin. Here you can find samples of his compositions as well as articles, analytical reviews and commentary on the theory, philosophy, theology, history, mechanics, science, technology and future of music.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog – Vicki Davis

Award winning edublogger, Vicki is a full time teacher in rural Camilla, Georgia. Known for stretching budget dollars into massive global collaborative projects, Vicki overcomes, inspires, and educates.

The Digital Music Educator – Owen Bradley

Owen Bradley is the Band Director and Chairman of the Performing Arts Academy at North Port High School in North Port Florida. A 1988 graduate of the Florida State University, he has been teaching for 20 years in Florida.

Discoveries Piano Studio – Sarah Lantz

Sarah Lantz is a private piano teacher operating out of Howard County, Maryland. She has been teaching since her senior year of high school and enjoys incorporating her creative abilities and ideas into weekly lessons.

Elementary Music and Music Technology – Amy Burns

Amy Burns has taught general music to grades Pre-Kindergarten through three, directed the instrumental band, the flute and clarinet ensembles, the elementary choruses, and coordinated the after-school conservatory for Far Hills Country Day School, in Far Hills, New Jersey. She has presented workshops on integrating music technology into the elementary music classroom for numerous district, state, and national conferences.

Education in Music – Theresa White

My name is Theresa White, I am a K-5 Michigan music educator in Elementary General and Instrumental Music.  I love to integrate technology into my lessons and work hard to find new ways to do so. This blog is a collection of things that worked, things that didn’t, and some other reflections I’ve had along the way.

Eric Whitacre – Virtual Choir

Eric Whitacre is one of the most popular and performed composers of our time, a distinguished conductor, broadcaster and public speaker.

His ground-breaking Virtual Choir, Lux Aurumque, received over a million views on YouTube in just 2 months (now 3 million), featuring 185 singers from 12 different countries. Virtual Choir 2.0, Sleep, was released in April 2011 and involved over 2,000 voices from 58 countries. Virtual Choir 3, Water Night, received 3,746 submissions from 73 counties and launched at Lincoln Center, New York and revealed online in April 2012. Virtual Choir 4, Fly to Paradise, premiered at the Queen’s Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace in July 2013 and featured 5,905 singers from 101 countries.

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Blog – Gary Ewer

Songwriting news and articles from Gary Ewer’s Essential Secrets of Songwriting website.

Future Music Educators – Andrew Ritenour

My name is Andrew Ritenour and I am an undergraduate Music Education student at Grove City College, PA with a concentration in Tuba/Euphonium. At Grove City, I am active in many performing ensembles including the Grove City College Wolverine Marching Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Touring Choir, and two brass quintets.

Gretchens Pianos

GRETCHEN SAATHOFF, pianist, performs as a soloist and has collaborated often with both singers and instrumentalists in recitals, as well as in numerous prestigious competitions in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. This is her blog about “performing, practicing, being outdoors, and other life considerations”.

Having Nothing to Say and Saying It – James Humberstone

James Humberstone writes, speaks, and creates associated resources on the topics of composition, music education, music technology and experimental music. His resources website, Composer Home, is also included in my Music Teaching Resources links.

Making the Most of Notation Software – Dr Tom Rudolph

Thomas E. Rudolph, Ed.D., is a national leader in the field of music education and technology. He is one of the founding directors of the Technology Institute for Music Educators; adjunct assistant professor of music at the University of the Arts in Pennsylvania; and director of music for the Haverford School District in Haverford, Pennsylvania. – Andy Zweibel is dedicated to helping Music Education majors get the most out of their course of study. Focused mainly on the undergraduate degree (although many topics are applicable to all undergraduate and post-graduate levels), provides news, tips, insights, and general discussion on the experiences that Music Education majors are likely to encounter.

Music Education Research – Rick Dammers

This blog has a personal and a public purpose. For myself, I’d plan to use this as a way to process my readings in the music education literature.  Hopefully, this blog will also spark discussion and help to connect research to practice in the classroom.  I welcome your thoughts and comments as this project moves forward. (Rick Dammers)

MusicEdTech – Barbara Freedman

MusicEdTech is a private project by Barbara Freedman to provide information and educational material on using technology to teach, learn and create music. Materials are developed for in-service & pre-service educators, administrators, boards of education and secondary level students.

Music Education at – Espie Estrella

Everything and anything Music Education-related, including tabbed sections on theory, instruments,and composers, as well as general articles about music education.

Music is Not for Insects  – Ken Pendergrass

A blog about music ed, technology and other important things missing from the the timeless quote by Lazarus Long, a fictional character created by  Robert A. Heinlein:

“A human being should be able to change a daiper, plan an invasion. butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyse a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

-Robert A. Heinlein

Music Matters Blog – Natalie Wickham

Welcome to Music Matters Blog! My name is Natalie Wickham and I operate an independent piano studio in Derby, Kansas. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be a teacher. I just never would have guessed that I would be a piano teacher!

Music Teachers Helper Blog
(Can’t find a name, can you help?)

This blog is hosted by Music Teacher’s Helper, software designed by music teachers, for music teachers, to help you manage the business aspects of running a private music teaching studio.

Music Teachers Hub
(Can’t find a name, can you help?)

Thoughts on music teaching and integrating technology, plus tutorial videos for Music Teachers Helper.
. – Dr Joseph Pisano

This site was established in order to spread the “word” faster about music, technology, and other related educational topics. This site was created by Dr. Prof. Joseph Pisano and began as a sub-domain of in 2005. It officially became in October of 2006.

Although many of the topics discussed here will be about music technology, you also find plenty of material that discussing the various forms of electronic technologies that aren’t necessarily related to music as well. From time to time, you may also find COMPLETELY unrelated topics that may be of interest to our readers.

Music Tech For ME – Keith Mason

V. Keith Mason is the Coordinator of Music Technology at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. He joined the Belmont school of music faculty in 1998 and currently teaches courses, and develops curriculum, in the area of music technology. Keith’s primary focus is utilizing technology as a creative tool for all musicians. A strong concentration is also placed on developing applied music skills for “Desktop Musicians”.


Nicholas Lane is a qualified musician and educator based in Sydney’s south-west. He is currently teaching music to high school students from years 7 to 12. Nicholas is an avid believer in encouraging students to compose and perform music no matter what their skill level, and in using music technology to further create educational opportunities and advance each student’s potential.

Soundtree Blog – James Frankel

SoundTree, the educational division of Korg USA, was founded 15 years ago to provide educators with innovative ways to teach music in a group piano environment.  Since that time, we have grown to become the leader in music technology in education, as well as providing expert advice and services for the Pro Audio, Video, Dance, Language Lab, and Classroom Technology needs of educators.

Stopher Music – Sarah Stopher

My name is Sarah Stopher and I am a music teacher in Western Australia. I play the tuba and piano and I love using new technology in my classroom.

On this site you will find examples of projects I have created that are under a Creative Commons license as well as Aural and Theory work for purchase.

Teaching Music in the 21st Century – Brian Wis

Thoughts on music education, teaching in general, and using technology from a real live public school teacher…


Thomas J. West

Thomas J. West (b. 1973) is an active music teacher, composer, adjudicator, and clinician in the greater Philadelphia area. He has over ten years experience as a concert band director, marching band director, jazz improvisation instructor, choral director, orchestra director, private instructor, and marching drill writer.

Thursday’s Child – Marie-Claire D’Lyse

Marie-Claire D’Lyse was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1982, and is now a ballerina at the Vienna State Opera Ballet. In her blog, she reflects on the trials and triumphs, and the sometimes (well, often) gruelling day-to-day life of being a professional ballet dancer.

She’s also my sister. 🙂

Wright Stuff Musi – Samuel Wright

  1. Underlying all instruction, in music as well as in other subjects, is the principle that learning is often most effective when experience precedes theory, or in Pestalozzian terms, the thing before the sign…
  2. Obviously, not all students have had the same experiences, nor have they all been equally successful in understanding their experiences. Therefore, the teacher must organise instruction in such a way as to proceed from the known to the unknown…
  3. The learning process proceeds most effectively when it is organised in such a way that the specific is related to the general and the general to the specific – in other words, from the whole to the parts and back again…
  4. Throughout the educational process, the teacher must realise that the important activity in the classroom is not teaching but learning, and that learning depends on the desire to learn…
  5. If learning depends of the desire to learn, then teaching is the art of making students want to learn…

Education (General)

Always Learning – Kim Cofino

I am now in my 10th year of teaching technology in international schools around the world with my husband, Alex, a professional writer, editor and ESL/English teacher.

I Am One of Those People! – Ashley Proud

I am a year 7 teacher at a primary school in Brisbane, Australia. I am lucky enough to be teaching in a 1-1 classroom this year and really enjoy using technology to engage my students.

Langwitches – Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano was born in Germany, raised in Argentina and currently lives in the United States. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a Minor in International Studies and a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology. She has worked as a World Language teacher, Technology Integration Facilitator and 21st Century Learning Specialist.

Her passions include globally connected learning, technology integration, 21st Century skills and literacies, as well as digital storytelling.

Notes From McTeach – Karen McMillan

My name is Karen McMillan, and I am the seventh grade homeroom teacher at Christ the King Catholic School in Northern California. I am, first and foremost, a reader of books. I can think of nothing better than lying around all day with a good book in my hand. My other passions in life are photography and educational technology. If I don’t have a good book in my hand, chances are I have either a camera, laptop, or iPod with me.

Pedagogical Reflections – Joe Perkins

New ways of teaching and learning, elearning, digital pedagogy, transformational learning, 21st century literacies, professional learning.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Cerebration – Shane TechTeach

ShaneTechTeach is a secondary school HPE teacher with a passion for Health Education and Digital Pedagogy. I am particularly interested in pedagogical worth / application of the ever expanding range of digital tools and content available to learners today.

To Learn from Within – Jodie Riek

“[W]hat am I going to do to change the status quo? How can I influence change or instigate change so that the learners in our schools have control of their individual learning schedules, styles, tools and environments?”
(Jodie Riek, August 26 2010)


Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom – Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson is a District Instructional Technologist, working with district and school administrators on how to harness the power of technology to enhance learning.

Digmo! Creativity and Education

DigMo! is tech-ed site covering mini discoveries, tips, apps, and website finds. The site is managed by an Apple Distinguished Educator and Photographer.

The Education Technology Blog – Jonathan Wylie

My name is Jonathan Wylie. My goal with this blog is to communicate tips, ideas, and websites that are specifically designed to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom through the use of technology.

Fraser Spiers – Blog

This is the website of Fraser Speirs, a moderately well-known online person. I’m mainly a software developer by profession.  You might know my company, Connected Flow, or some of the products: FlickrExport, Viewfinder, Darkslide or Changes. I also teach Computing at Cedars School of Excellence.

Fun With Stuff – Iain Anderson

This is the home of training brisbane, apple and adobe training for creative people;, orchard therapies and; plus the short short film idea twelve fives, best-practice/hints-and-tips, and even thoughts on second life; but mostly it’s the home of iain’s main blog, funwithstuff, where views of various kinds are aired, dried and folded.

ICT Teaching in the Information Age – Mrs K. Evans

I’m an ICT teacher who is currently working freelance as a consultant and moderator. I’ve been teaching for 7 years and have taught ICT across KS3, 4, & 5.  In this short time I have held a wide variety of responsibilities. I am currently taking a break from full time teaching and running a consultancy to deliver collaborative web 2.0 projects in primary schools.

I Should Be Marking – Mark Clarkson

Mark Clarkson is an ICT teacher in his early thirties, a Head of Department and a Board Member of Computing At School (CAS). He has been teaching for a few years now and spends large amounts of time trying to convert Windows users to at least TRY to OS X or Linux as well as promoting Computing and continuing to expand his understanding and teaching of video filming editing skills.

The Learning Circuits Blog – Tony Karrer (blogmeister)

The LC Blog is a community feature of Learning Circuits. It is dedicated to sharing ideas and opinions about the state of learning and technology.

MindShift – How We Will Learn – Tina Barseghian (curator)

Technology is revolutionizing the world of education – replacing familiar classroom tools and changing the way we learn. MindShift explores the future of learning in all its dimensions – covering cultural and technology trends, groundbreaking research, education policy and more. The site is curated by Tina Barseghian, a former editor of Edutopia and the mother of a grade-schooler.

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