No, you’re not seeing things. I really have changed my blog name…back.

May 23, 2011


So, I was all excited about having “Music Triple C’ as my new name for my new-look, new-feel blog.

But I should have done some research first. Triple C is actually the name of a hip hop group. Now, granted, it struck me as kind of a happy coincidence at first, but it actually makes my blog not quite as Google-savvy, as far as search engines go.

Also, reading a bit further into blog naming, I read that it is better to have the name of your blog describe what your blog is really about. So, Music Teach.n.Tech it is. Permanently. Forever and ever. Amen.

The three Cs are staying, though. I’m still about creativity, connectivity, and collegiality, and I think they make a nice little philosophy slogan together. So my header stays as it is.

So, I apologize for any confusion, and I thank you for your patience. Call it the indecision of a new blogster just getting off the ground in my first month (well, my second one now). No changes to either name, site, or address next month, I promise.

Btw: while it would be good to update your links (again), all original links to will still make it here in the meantime, as I haven’t deleted that domain, just in case.

About Gabrielle Deschamps

I'm a secondary music teacher, interested in music technology and its integration into classroom pedagogy.

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